New pack design

We are very excited here in the Popcorn Kitchen, our new design packs are starting to roll out to store as we speak. Nothing too revolutionary you’ll be glad to hear, more a modest update and as a result, we are hoping you’ll be able to find your favourite flavour...

Gloucester Quays Food Festival

We had a fantastic weekend at Gloucester Quays Food Festival at the end of July. We had the chance to let hundreds of people sample our freshly popped sweet & salt recipe straight from our giant kettle. We had a great time and we had lots of happy customers!

Southern Co-op

We started supplying Southern Co-op stores in the South East of England with our bags of popcorn in 2015 and had the opportunity to participate in their ‘Local Flavours’ tour at their Reigate store on 13th June. We appreciate their continued support!

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