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Movie Nights might never be the same!

Written by Andy Valentine


Posted on February 09 2023

We are so excited to announce the launch of our HOME POPPING range!!

We have been asked many times whether we offer unpopped corn for home popping and having established our reputation for delicious, dessert-inspired popcorn treats, we wanted to make sure that with our Popcorn Kits we really brought to life our #PurePopcornHappiness mantra with something extra special!

With 3 gloriously pleasure-seeking kits to choose from: Chocolate Eggs, Rocky Road and Rainbow Chocolate Beans.

Each bottle comes with the perfect balance of our gourmet popping corn, Belgian chocolate buttons and then a yummy decorative ingredient for the finishing touch.

With easy-to-follow instructions on the back of pack, this really could be a game-changer for family film nights and impromptu social gatherings with freshly popped gourmet Chocolate Popcorn now a reality and with up to 14 servings per bottle there will be plenty to share! 🍿🍫


The kids will absolutely love these popcorn kits and with Easter not too far away, these packs will make a fantastic alternative to the usual chocolate gifts and will be a lot more fun!