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Gifts & Treats

Popcorn looks magnificently munchable, why hide it away in a shadowy pouch? When it comes to gifting popcorn there are few receptacles that offer more wow than a perfectly proportioned bottle.


For some people popcorn appreciation is about keeping things simple with discreet yet meaningful flavours that hark back to popcorn’s dawn.

Home poppin'

Fully immersive popcorn experience where parents, grandparents and children could gather in the kitchen to create their own home popped feast.

Pure Popcorn Happiness

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Popcorn Kitchen is no fine snacking fly-by-night!

As one of the original gourmet popcorn pioneers, we’ve been treading the boards making sublime, best-in-class popcorn since 2012. Simply put, Popcorn Kitchen is an artisanal operation, hand-popping in small batches, but with big ambitions to bring Pure Popcorn Happiness across the UK with our unique range of snacks, treats and gifts!

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