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Our Flavours

We started with a sweet & salt combination back in 2012 that at time seemed quite a shocking combination to some! It’s still our most popular recipe, but has been complemented over recent years with a mix of traditional flavours and some more indulgent, classic British inspired recipes.

We use gourmet ‘mushroom’ corn in all our recipes to give that distinctive light, round shape, unbeatable crunchy texture and the perfect base for our specially developed recipes.

Sweet & Salt

Simply Sweet

Sea Salt & Olive Oil

Sweet & Chilli

Simply Salted

Chocolate Orange

White Chocolate & Raspberry

Salted Caramel

Double Chocolate

Lemon Drizzle

Cheddar Cheese

Chocolate Mint

Sweet & Cinnamon

Cherry Bakewell

Chocolate Brownie

Blueberry Muffin