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Platinum Jubilee Get Togethers!

Written by Andy Valentine


Posted on April 26 2022

As the weather starts to improve, gardens spring back into life and hopefully the worst of the pandemic is finally behind us, we can't help but look forward to getting together with family and friends outdoors.

One event that we are really starting to get excited about down at the Popcorn Kitchen is the double bank holiday celebration at the beginning of June in recognition of the 70 incredible years on the throne of HM Queen Elizabeth.  

Although it's been a fairly low key build up so far with everything else going on in the world, but we reckon the Platinum Jubilee celebrations will be an amazing opportunity for family, friends and communities to get together and have a fantastic time. Sparking memories of major royal events of yesteryear, we hope it will bring the country together to have some fun!

Whether you're starting to think about a family gathering, getting a few friends around for a barbecue, planning a street party with neighbours or going along to a public event, we hope you'll make sure there's plenty of popcorn to go round!

Our bestselling gift and sharing format is our Giant Popcorn bottle. 550g of gourmet popcorn in 6 delicious recipes - Sweet & Salt, Simply Sweet, Sea Salt, Sweet & Chilli, Sea Salt & Olive Oil, Sweet & Cinnamon.

It really is made for sharing is and when the ridiculously moreish, gourmet popcorn's gone, the bottle becomes a Giant moneybox with its coin-slot lid.

We thought to mark this memorable occasion we'd introduce a Limited Edition Platinum Jubilee themed design to keep and remember what we hope will be an incredible event.  

Why not use the bottle to make a collection for a local community cause? We get asked a lot about how much money one of these bottles can hold and we have to admit we are not totally sure....but I think it would be enough to make a real difference for a worthy cause!

However you spend the double bank holiday, we hope you have an amazing time and spread some Pure Popcorn Happiness!

The Popcorn Kitchen team x