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Popcorn Kitchen Commits to Planting Trees As Part Of Its Ongoing Commitment To Take Responsibility For Its Carbon Footprint

Written by Andy Valentine


Posted on October 28 2022

As a business with genuine growth aspirations, it’s always been important for Popcorn Kitchen to marry a blossoming reputation within its specialist field of upmarket snacking with an equally ambitious commitment to corporate social responsibility.  Simply put, we think the moment’s ripe to give a little extra back to the broader community in which we operate.

From the beginning, we’ve tried to adopt an ethical stance concerning everything we do, from participating in the stringent Sedex membership since 2018 and refusing to dabble with irresponsible palm oil to only using recyclable materials in our packaging.

As a business that has enjoyed enviable 70% growth over the last 12 months alone, we wanted to take our sustainable stance to the next level, which meant joining forces with the team at Reewild to help us understand our impact and with Eden Reforestation to plant a minimum of 2000 new trees over the next 12 months and 50,000 trees over the next five years.

According to Popcorn Kitchen co-owner Andy Valentine, ‘Sustainability sits at the very heart of our underlying commitment to become ‘climate positive’, with this latest alliance meaning that our business will sponsor the planting of 1 new tree for every consumer order & 2 trees for every B2B order.  From Day 1, we’ve believed that any business, irrespective of size and reach, has to take responsibility for its carbon footprint and do whatever it can to reverse its burden on the wider planet.’

Quote from Freddie Lintell of Reewild:

‘We are delighted to work with Andy and Louise at Popcorn Kitchen. It’s great to see another business taking climate action. Over the coming months, we will be working with the team to help them conduct Life-Cycle-Assessments (LCA) of all their products so that we can better understand their impact throughout the supply chain. Once we have the results of these scores, we will be working to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible, looking to evidence this transparently on the Reewild app.’