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Meet Louise - An Interview with our Fabulous Founder 👏✨

Written by Andy Webb


Posted on July 25 2023

👋 Meet Louise! 

We've been so excited to read about our fabulous CEO in this article from The Successful Founder Magazine - the go to magazine for founders on all stages of their entrepreneurial journey ✨

Louise describes how Popcorn Kitchen honed their niche in indie retailers, garden centres, and more, with imaginative flavors and unique gifting options.🤩

She discusses her passion for full-bodied flavours including the decadent Lemon Drizzle and Vegan Chocolate Brownie. These became instant hits, even converting non-dairy chocolate skeptics. Sustainability also became a priority with Sedex membership and a partnership with Reewild for tree planting.🌲

2023 has seen recognition for the Popcorn Kitchen brand from Joe Wicks and an expansion into esteemed retailers including WH Smith’s and The Ritz.

Louise has set new heights for Popcorn Kitchen and 2023 has been a transformational year so far. With her commitment to best in class suppliers and innovation, this journey into the snacking and gifting world is poised for even greater things  🌈🍿🎁