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Now With a Personal Touch 🍿😍

Written by Andy Webb


Posted on May 07 2024

We are just SO EXCITED to introduce a Personal Touch to our GIANT popcorn bottles.

Our best selling popcorn bottles are now available with a custom label option. Examples we made included 'Happy Birthday', 'Congratulations Louise' and 'Thank You Mrs Smith' 🎁 - but choose your own unique words and we'll do the rest. Whatever your message is, our giant popcorn bottles are the perfect way to show you care. Delicious Popcorn with a Message Straight from the Heart ❤️! 

Personalisation is available in the following three delicious flavours:

🤩🍿 Sweet & Salt - 🍭Simply Sweet - 🌊 Sea Salt. 


Everything is the same apart for the custom label, so it's all vegan, gluten free, wholegrain and GM Free. The packaging is 100% recyclable, and each bottle is 51cm tall and 16cm diameter. Once eaten the Giant bottle becomes a moneybox with its coin slot lid.